The Pranker

A hidden camera comedy show featuring a cast of unique and bizarre characters all played by one man, comedian Ross Lee.

Ranging from the plain daft to the utterly outrageous, the many guises of ‘The Pranker’ blaze a trail of amusement, frustration and bewilderment as unsuspecting members of the public are caught on camera.

Episode one of ‘The Pranker’ features a host of characters from Lee’s surreal world: Shifty Shopper whose catchphrase is “If I’m gonna buy it, I’m gonna try it” gets into trouble when trying out a barbeque at his local garden centre; The Old Lady proves that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks when she finds a remarkable use for a ping pong ball in a bar; Single White Male is the blind date from hell; Movie Buff re-enacts the notorious nude scene from Silence of the Lambs; Boris the 13 year old boy ropes his babysitter into helping him out with a very unusual school photography project; and P.C. Pranker reveals a unique approach to community policing.

“Imagine if Roger Whittaker was never given the chance to whistle to the public, and spent all his life whistling in a dark room to nobody but his own reflection? Or if Uri Geller was never given the opportunity to show off his spoon bending skills to the world, and had to do all his bending alone, behind closed curtains? Well imagine if BBC Three had never given me the green light to prank on National Television? I would have probably pranked myself to a lonely and early death in my flat that I can’t afford. But luckily for me, and not so much for you, I’m going to be spending six glorious weeks pranking people silly in my amazing new show, aptly named, ‘The Pranker’. So all you whistlers and spoon benders out there, beware, I’m going to get you.” – Ross Lee

Executive Producers are Kenton Allen of Big Talk Productions and Philip Edgar-Jones for Running Bare Pictures.

Broadcaster: BBC Three
Episodes: 6 x 30′

Writer: Ross Lee
Producer: Andy Brown
Director: Matt Gillbe
Executive Producers: Kenton Allen, Phil Edgar-Jones

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