Free Agents is a sitcom about two jaded literary agents, Alex (Stephen Mangan) and Helen (Sharon Horgan), whose mutual antagonism can only really be one thing, flirtation.

Alex (Stephen Mangan) is a talent agent suffering all the sadness and pain of divorce. In the next office to him is Helen (Sharon Horgan) a talent agent suffering all the sadness and pain of bereavement. They’re perfect for each other. According to Alex. According to Helen, he has got to be bloody joking. There’s no way she’s having sex with Alex. Again. Not after the last two times they had sex. Absolutely not…

Set in a world where everyone – the agents, the agents’ boss (Anthony Head), the agents’ clients, the agents’ friends and relations and ex-girlfriends and accountants – are all as bizarrely screwed up as Alex and Helen – Free Agents is a dark poignant comedy, an on-but-mostly-off romance about a couple who might just have a future is they can ever shake off their past(s).

Broadcaster: Channel 4
Episodes: 6 x 30′

Writer: Chris Niel
Director: James Griffiths
Producer: Nira Park

Cast: Stephen Mangan (Green Wing), Sharon Horgan (Pulling) and Anthony Head (Little Britain)

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