Exclusive: New Man Up Poster via EmpireOnline

Written by Tess Morris and directed by The Inbetweeners Movie’s Ben Palmer, Man Up follows Bell’s Nancy, sick of the frustrations of dating and the endless pointless set ups provided by her friends. But in a weird circumstance, she meets divorcee Jack (Pegg), who mistakes her for his blind date. Deciding to take a chance, Nancy goes along with it, and what follows is a chaotic night of drinking, dancing, bowling and what both of them see is a real connection. But then the truth comes out, and it threatens to ruin everything. Can they overcome that one tiny obstacle that stands in the way of happiness? We’re not telling.

With the likes of Rory Kinnear, Olivia Williams, Sharon Horgan, Ken Stott, Ophelia Lovibond and Stephen Campbell Moore also on board for this one, Man Up will be out in UK cinemas on May 29.

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