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Set in the British Embassy of the fictional Central Asian country Tazbekistan, “Ambassadors” focuses on the lives of Ambassador Keith Davis (David Mitchell) and his Deputy Head of Mission Neil Tilly (Robert Webb). It is a comic political satire, warm and good hearted, but fiercely intelligent and sharply witty.

Tazbekistan is a landlocked dictatorship somewhere between Turkey and China. A former Soviet Republic, Tazbekistan’s political leadership is unchallenged and, because of the country’s abundance of natural resources, is becoming increasingly rich and more powerful. For the UK, Tazbekistan represents lucrative business contracts, major trade opportunities and a potentially strategic ally in an unstable region. Far from stable itself the country’s leadership have a dubious human rights record and a track record in violently quashing civil unrest…

For the British Ambassador and his team trying to balance the needs of UK PLC with the ethical desire to improve human rights is a constant juggling act.

Davis is the newly appointed ambassador recently arrived in the country, happily married to Jennifer – a successful doctor who’s put her career on the back burner to support her husband. Neil Tilly has been in the country far longer than his boss, and is in danger of going native. He loves Tazbekistan, arguably more than he loves Brtiain, and struggles to keep an objective distance from both it’s politics, and it’s women.

They’re both good men with big hearts but with sharply contrasting approaches to their job. Davis is a straight down the line professional diplomat, keen to do a good job for UK plc and Whitehall; Tilly is more of a romantic idealist who’s passion and beliefs, though invariably well intentioned, can place the Embassy and the reputation of the UK in peril.

Big Talk Productions - Ambassadors

“A dry and clever chunk of telly that’s happy to mix the bittersweet in with the guffaws”

(Mail on Sunday)

“A genuinely, intelligent new comedy drama series … excellent”

(The Observer)

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