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GIVE OUT GIRLS is a sharply observed, character led sitcom about a gang of four girls (and a couple of guys) who work in the world of ‘promotions’. It’s a world we’ve never entered before, but one that’s instantly recognisable to anyone who’s ever done a crap job to pay the rent.

It’s a show about doing a job rather than having a career, working hard at
avoiding work and how, because you spend so much time with them, your work colleagues become your mates by default.

Marilyn is optimistic, impulsive and at 29 is getting a bit too old for standing on the streets in a silly costume giving out samples of free yogurt. Her best mate at work is Poppy, a dreamer with her own unique way of looking at the world and a large dash of wanton abandon. Then there’s the baby of the group, naïve Gemma, Zoe a passive-aggressive, self-loving dancer from New Zealand; and the two boys, Andy – a cheeky, cocky, sarcastic but somehow loveable techie guy, and Steve, the event manager – a smug, weird jobsworth who sucks up to the boss, Debbie. Debbie is a manic, crude, over-sexed nightmare of a boss. She’s convinced she’s funny and popular, but she isn’t.

They may ‘technically’ be at work themselves, but they’ve got much more
important things to deal with – sorting out their love lives, trying to blag their way into easier, more lucrative jobs or just trying to make sense of a bewildering and sometimes hostile world.

The spirit of the show is ‘what happens on tour stays on tour’. Our gang are let loose on the country seeking excitement and adventure; they try to make the most out of everyday situations and try to inject as much fun and mischief into the day as possible.

They’re the GIVE OUT GIRLS. They’re part of the landscape of modern Britain, and you’re about to meet them for the first time.

Big Talk Productions - Give Out Girls

“A zesty new British sitcom”

(Daily Mail)

“A rare treat”


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