lives of the infamous

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LIVES OF THE INFAMOUS documents the glorious highs and horrific lows of the notorious Wanger Twins – East End brothers, who ruled the London club scene throughout the 1950s, before being betrayed in a police sting, then rising again with an unlikely pop hit, Wet Spanish Legs. With Jim Broadbent.

The first part of LIVES OF THE INFAMOUS tells the extraordinary life story of Adam and Dunhill Wanger, who ruled London’s murky underworld in the Swinging 60s, before being brought to their knees by an ingenious Scotland Yard sting during the Miss London pageant of 1965.   Told through archive footage and interviews with those who knew them best, this is the definitive tale of the infamous Wanger Twins.

Part 2 of LIVES OF THE INFAMOUS reveals the remarkable change in fortunes of the Wanger Twins, Adam and Dunhill.  We witness the decline of their nightclub empire and the unexpected new-found fame with a novelty pop single.  The song, Wet Spanish Legs, proved a huge hit in Greece, but it also led to their final, ignominious downfall, live on television, with the death of celebrated Greek chatshow host, Terrios Espass.

The final part of LIVES OF THE INFAMOUS shows, for the very first time, the full-length version of the novelty pop classic, Wet Spanish Legs, by Adam and Dunhill Wanger.

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