living the dream

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The Pembertons are now settled in Florida for good. Mal & Jen (Philip Glenister & Lesley Sharp) are dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane at Kissimmee Sunshine Park and have spruced up the place with a new café, the Tornado Tearoom. They’ve also stopped living beyond their means and have downsized to another house. But it’s not like the old neighbourhood, and they are woken in the night by the sound of gunfire. When Mal checks it out, it’s their new neighbour, Connie (Elena Saurel), shotgun in hand. It gets him thinking he needs a gun of his own. Jen’s not keen, to put it mildly.

The kids, Tina (Rosie Day) and Freddie (Brenock O’Connor) are still at high school but facing challenges of their own. Tina’s got to find a way to dump her boring boyfriend Conan (Skylar McNamee) without hurting his feelings, which includes trying to get him to go to college as far away as possible. And Freddie falls for the new girl in class, Madison (Daisy Fairclough), who shares his love of music, but is a very bad influence on him, leading him astray from day one.

With Troy now up and gone from the Park, his lot has been taken by a mysterious new resident, Marvin Pepper (Leslie David Baker). Aiden (Leslie Jordan) doesn’t like the sound of him one bit, until he actually meets him and realises he is a local cop, who’s been thrown out of his home by his third wife for having an affair. Marvin comes in all guns blazing when Ryan (John Crosby) and Dorothy (Regina Curtin) go off the rails, but he soon settles into park life, and becomes a friendly confidante to Mal.

Throughout the series, Mal’s troubles just keep coming, as he fights to keep the Park afloat. He’s told that he has to employ more Americans and has to fire Jen and employ the bright-eyed Stacee (Jessica Ellerby) to take her place. Jen’s furious, but finds her own work as a physio to controversial star golfer, TJ Starmer (Joseph May), without telling Mal. Mal also has the constant threat of Mayor Herman Bloch (David de Vries) bearing down on him. He’s been making noises about wanting to close down all RV Parks in the run-up to his re-election. It’s going to be a fight for to the death all the way to Election Day.

LIVING THE DREAM returns as a big-hearted comedy-drama about the US-UK culture clash, full of hilarious storylines and warm, well-observed characters. Now in its second series, it gives us the comedy of what it’s like to live and work as a Brit in the sunshine state of Florida, and the drama of being in a world of guns, drugs, and the ever-present threat of survival for Mal and his family.

living the dream

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Living The Dream is a comedy-drama about a British family, The Pembertons – husband Mal, wife Jen and two kids Tina (17) and Freddie (15) – who decide it’s time to leave grey, old England for good, and move themselves lock, stock and barrel to the Sunshine State of Florida. Mal’s bought a decaying RV Park for his business with big plans to renovate, Jen’s getting involved with the desperate housewives of the neighbourhood, and the kids are plunged into High School.

It soon turns out, however, that they are not living the dream they hoped. Before they’ve even settled in, Mal’s discovered that the residents of the park are not exactly thrilled to meet their new owner – especially ex-wrestler, Troy, who sets a few alligators on him as a welcome present. Plus, there are huge money worries from the get-go.

Jen’s getting on famously with their neighbour, Rhoda, but the other ladies in the street are already scheming to turn her into one of them, while her focus is less on transforming herself and more on transforming the park into a profitable business with her husband.

And the kids are discovering that High School is no picnic. Freddie is lonely and finding it hard to make new friends. Tina’s struggling to fit in, until she catches the eye of school quarterback, Conan, on the athletics field, and their chemistry builds. But Conan has a very different approach to dating than the one Tina has back home, and she’s learning fast that she isn’t in England anymore.

Written by Mick Ford (The Five, Single Father and the BAFTA-nominated William and Mary), Living The Dream is a wonderfully observed comedy-drama of the classic culture clash between Britain and America. Full of great storylines and warm, eccentric characters, it’s a big, new series about how the love of your family and the support of your new friends can get you through the nightmare of discovering that achieving a dream is not as easy as it seems – especially if you are divided by a common language.

(Daily Star)

“Critic’s Choice”

(Saturday Magazine)

“Swells with calamitous fun”


“Delightfully warm…highly pleasurable”


“You’ll love this sunny new Sky drama”

(The Telegraph)

“Benefits greatly from casting Philip Glenister and Lesley Sharp”


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