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In the finale series of MUM, Cathy and her family decamp to the English countryside to celebrate Derek’s birthday. Each episode observes a different day of the week, from their arrival on the Monday to the party on the Saturday, as Cathy takes a final step towards her future.

“Golaszewski has known exactly what he has been doing all along”

(The Guardian)

“Perfectly formed comedy”

(Daily Mail)

“A perfect end to a perfect show”

(The Telegraph)

“One of the greatest TV shows in history”

(Daily Mirror)

“Going out with a bang”

(TV Times)

“Beautifully observed and perfectly acted”



Available on DVD & Digital

MUM is a sitcom following Cathy, a woman rebuilding her life after the death of her husband.

Set across a year, starting with her sixtieth birthday and ending on Bonfire Night, the second series sees Cathy’s relationship with her friend Michael grow and her son plan to move out as a decision needs to be made.

“A masterfully crafted sitcom”

(Mail on Sunday)

“If Mike Leigh did sitcoms it would be this comedy”

(The Times)

“Pure feeling that made the world seem a better place to be in”

(The Telegraph)

“This sublime comedy from Stefan Golaszewski with its wonderful cast of characters deserves at least seven stars”

(Daily Express)

“Few shows are more deserving of a second series than Stefan Golaszewski’s lovely sitcom”

(The Observer)

“It’s a superb slice of observational comedy, in which the small moments of everyday family life are shown to be gloriously special”



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MUM is a family sitcom seen through the eyes of Cathy. We follow a year in her life as she moves on from the death of her husband. Starting with the family gathering for the funeral in January and ending on New Year’s Eve, we watch them through the major and minor events of a year. It’s the story of a woman finding who she is again and maybe, if she could only see it, finding love second time around.

“This is the most finely crafted comedy…an absolute gem”

(Mail on Sunday – Event)

“The spirit of Mike Leigh is all over this flinty new sitcom. Excellent cast… Manville is super as Cathy”

(The Guardian – Guide)

“It’s wonderfully observed, sweet and laugh-out-loud funny”

(TV Times)

“There has been a slew of top-notch, inventive and varied British sitcoms in recent weeks but threatening to eclipse the lot is Mum”

(Times on Saturday – Review)

“…beautifully observed and acted opener…absolutely hilarious”


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