raised by wolves

They’re not Southern twats, and they’re not Northern twats – they’re Midlands twats; and after a smash-hit series, Raised By Wolves is back for Round Two! Remorseless fag-smoking parenting machine Della Garry and her six children continue their social experiment of home-schooling whilst preparing for the Apocalypse – in Wolverhampton. GASP! As hormonal 16-year-old horn-bomb Germaine continues to desecrate every societal norm. SYMPATHISE! As depressed ginger intellectual Aretha becomes even more misanthropic. LOOK AWAY! As Grampy starts enjoying his divorce in a very visceral manner.

Loosely based on the semi-traumatic childhoods of Caitlin and Caroline Moran, Raised By Wolves follows six socially-isolated siblings and their acerbic, highly capable and semi-legendary mother, Della Garry, as the fall-out from Britain’s austerity drive really starts to hit home.



“Relentlessly funny”

(Radio Times)

“Fizzing with funny lines”

(The Daily Telegraph)

“Excellent and highly quotable comedy”

(The Guardian – Guide)

“Cleverly crafted jokes, witty dialogue…most original comedy we’ve seen”

(TV Times)

raised by wolves

Loosely based on the Wolverhampton childhoods of Caitlin Moran and Caroline Moran, Raised By Wolves follows six socially-isolated, home-schooled siblings and their acerbic, highly capable mother Della Garry.

Eldest sibling Germaine, 16, is idiosyncratic, distressingly overshary and deludedly in love with local yob Lee. Aretha, 15,  an introverted, sarcastic George Orwell admirer, just wants to be left alone to endure her adolescence. Thirteen-year-old Yoko is a dreamy aspiring paleontologist with a heavy dose of ‘the Force’. Along with ‘the babbies’, Wyatt (6), Mariah (5) and toddler Cher, the family also share their small council house with Della’s feckless, acid casualty dad, Grampy, a frequent refugee from his ongoing bad romance with ‘Shit Nan’.

In her frenzied pursuit of Lee Germaine drags her family reluctantly out into the world, going underage clubbing, dabbling in voyeurism, taking the law into their own hands and dealing with major life milestones in their characteristic highly inappropriate way.

“With its razor sharp wit and deadpan characters, Raised By Wolves is fast becoming our new favourite comedy”

(TV Times)

“Channel 4’s most lovable new sitcom”

(The Independent)

“Bright, brash, blinking funny and brilliantly realised”

(The Times)

“Sharp and funny from the start… Hilarious”

(The Guardian – G2)

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