Raised By Wolves wins Best Sitcom at the 55th Rose d’Or Awards

Big Talk’s Raised By Wolves wins Best Television Sitcom at the 55th annual Rose d’Or Awards.

The critically-acclaimed claimed comedy from Caitlin and Caroline Moran won the highly coveted award for Best Television Sitcom at the 2016 Rose d’Or Awards in Berlin.

Caitlin and Caroline Moran said: “Our hangovers are so immense we’ve lost the feeling in our hands and faces, but we’re pretty sure, when we are able to have emotions again, that we’re happy about this. Not least because Ant & Dec tweeted us congratulations, and Caitlin has a small, dignified, noble long-term crush on Ant. The flood of screamingly over-excited congratulations from fans of the show remind us all over again how much people really love the Garry family, and so now we’re dying of pride as well as alcohol poisoning. Thank you Channel 4 for two brilliant series of the show, and we can’t wait to announce our exciting new plan about its future in October.”

Caitlin and Big Talk Productions have created the #upthewolves campaign to revive the sitcom for a third series without Channel 4’s involvement.

Caitlin Moran said: “Due to a combination of the death of David Bowie and the unexpected Brexit vote, Raised By Wolves will not be returning to Channel 4 next year. This is, sadly, the way of global events. Fucking David Cameron. Join our army! Dance with Wolves! Come to our Facebook, like the fuck out of Germaine screaming “Wank away the pain, Aretha,” and stand with us!”

Join thousands of Raised By Wolves fans who’ve signed up to save Series 3 – be the first to hear the big announcement coming soon and show your love and support by signing up at raisedbywolvestv.com and facebook.com/RaisedByWolvesTVReal.

Raised By Wolves is produced by Big Talk Productions.

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