Today marks the 10th anniversary of Hot Fuzz!

The widely-acclaimed second instalment of Edgar Wright’s ‘Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy’ was released on this day in 2007.

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Hot Fuzz, the action comedy film starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and directed by Edgar Wright. The film opened in 2007 to huge critical acclaim and an incredible opening weekend of $11.5 million at the UK box office – at the time making it the second biggest opening for a 15-rated movie in the UK, following the debut of ‘Borat’ in 2006 – while in the US it opened with the highest screen average of any film in the Top 10. 

The DVD sales in the UK alone hit one million in the first four weeks of release; sales are now in the tens of millions and Universal reports that two in every five households in the UK own a copy of Hot Fuzz on DVD or Blu-Ray!

Anniversary tributes are happening throughout the UK, including a sold-out screening at the Prince Charles Cinema in London in its full 35mm glory; a special outdoor screening at The Bishop’s Palace, which featured as a filming location; and interviews with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in a six-page spread in the March 2017 issue of Total Film.

Hot Fuzz followed two police officers attempting to solve a series of mysterious murders in the fictional town of Sandford, Gloucestershire. Adored the world over, the film cemented Pegg, Frost and Wright’s place as British comedy’s finest talents and continues to make us laugh, grimace and air-punch our way through this arresting classic ten years on.

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