We The Jury pilot to air on BBC Two on Monday 5th September

We The Jury will be screened on BBC Two on Monday 5th September at 10pm.

We The Jury is a comedy about jury duty, something William has dreamt of doing his whole life. He’s always known he was destined to be a juror but he never imagined that when the day finally came he’d land the mother of all jury gigs – an actual murder trial.

The jury are a mismatched collection of enthusiastic fools, inconsiderate bullies and self-obsessed weirdos, constantly getting distracted from the case. Add in a demob-happy judge in her final trial and this has all the ingredients of a disaster.

William is played by Ed Easton and his fellow jurors by a stellar ensemble cast of Sophie Thompson, Diane Morgan, Oliver Maltman, David Schaal, Kenneth Collard, Kae Alexander, Vivienne Acheampong and Samson Kayo. The judge is played by Maggie Steed and the defendant by Ricky Champ. Kerry Howard also stars.

Written by the multi award-winning stand-up comedian James Acaster, We The Jury is directed by Ben Taylor, produced by Josh Cole and the Executive Producers are Kenton Allen and Saurabh Kakkar for Big Talk Productions.

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